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Date: 2021-02-23 07:28:06
Address: 7B, Mysore Road, Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700026, India
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Charitable organization In Southern Avenue
A charity organization or non profit organizations are basically organizations that are set up and operated for the purpose of offering beneficial services or products to the public that are not for profit, which means that surplus funds that are left over in the financial year are not paid out to the owners of the organization nor are they distributed among the share holders but instead funds are used for purposes to achieve their charitable aim. Although the definition differs depending on the country that the charitable organizations are situated in the main focus of them is the same. Generally they are centered on improving the lives or interest of others which they believe to be in the public interest.

Sabri Helpage, is a mission, a vision and a path to a better life for all living beings of this World.

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Sabri Helpage
Telephone: +919674536860/ 03346013886

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Name: Aarti Br Singh
Phone : 09674536860
7B, Mysore Road, Rashbehari Avenue

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