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Date: 2019-03-15 07:33:20
Address: 252 Central Park, Bristol , UK, Bristol, uk, BS14 9BZ, Bristol
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Best Karate Mua Thai in Hengrove
Looking For Best Karate Mua Thai in Hengrove then visit at Bristol Martial Arts Academy .We Started the Academy in 2001 and our award winning Karate and Kickboxing classes have provided a strong base to allow the academy to grow into a community strong hold, offering all our members, young and old, an empowering martial arts environment, teaching mind, body and spirit.Our martial arts programmes are comprehensive and balanced.Whether you or your child are a total beginner or experienced, we guarantee you that you will be treated with common courtesy and respect. We make the classes fun, so learning and getting going in that important first class is so much easier.FOr details visit Site.

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Name: Bristol Martial Arts Academy
Phone : +44 7757 990420
252 Central Park, Bristol BS14 9BZ, UK

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