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Date: 2020-09-16 07:50:00
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Ergonomic Laptop
While most people appreciate the freedom or flexibility in working on a laptop, the bleak truth is, when it comes to ergonomics, a laptop is not a good choice. Adjusting the height of the keyboard and screen doesn't happen. As a consequence, workers tend to hunch over and constantly look down when working on a laptop. These uncomfortable positions lead to muscle strain and pain in the back, neck, eyes, head, shoulders, hands, wrists, and arms.

To overcome these underlying problems, an ergonomic laptop stand is a perfect counterpart for a laptop. A height-adjustable laptop stand enables you to lift and lower the height of your laptop to modify it into your comfortable eye level and maintain a better ergonomic posture while you use it. An ergonomic laptop stand reinforces you to position your neck and head in a forward position instead of humping.

Also, it positions the appropriate angle of your laptop to help you reduce screen gazing which can lead to eye strain and headaches. Furthermost, a laptop stand allows you to separate the screen and laptop. Since the laptop is elevated, you may use an external keyboard for more comfortable use

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